J-Mart Contracting

J-Mart Contracting

Long Island, NY


James Martinez

I have created this blog to alert everyone to James Martinez, who operates under the guise of J-Mart Contracting.

I hired him for basic maintenance repairs around the house – which he did an absolute terrible job. When I called him out on it to fix it he became, defiant, rude, and abrasive.

I got ripped off to what eventually added up to a couple of thousand of dollars – while that amount does not make or break my bank account it’s the point of someone like James Martinez, going under the name of a supposed entity J-Mart Contracting, and ripping people off.

He refused to fix his terrible work which resulted in me having to hire someone else, when I asked for my money back or a partial refund, he refused, and then eventually blocked me.

Below are his pictures: Stay away from this clown. Furthermore, after further research I have come to the belief that he is not incorporated, insured, or even licensed.

You’ve been warned!